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Product: LIDAR Speed Cameras



Genesis Handheld Directional

Portable Photo-Laser Speed Enforcement System

The DragonCam system is a full featured, laser based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high resolution images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits.

The unit consists of DragonEye's IACP certified LIDAR integrated with a high performance camera system and rugged tablet computer.

With custom designed high magnification optics, the DragonCam LIDAR can capture identifiable license plates at distances up to 450 ft on typical U.S. style plates and up to 300 meters on European style plates sufficient for expressway enforcement from the safety of overpasses and on-ramps.

The compact system allows for handheld, tripod, or in in-vehicle use. Violation images and data are encrypted into a single secure file at the moment of capture.

DragonCam features

  • High magnification optics for long range image acquisition and plate legibility
  • Safely enforce speed limits from overpasses and on-ramps without disrupting traffic flow
  • Sony Ex-View HAD™ high sensitivity CCD provides extended lower light performance
  • Rugged, IP 67 tablet computer with solid state drive and large, bright, daylight viewable touch screen
  • Secure officer login
  • All vital violation details included in 64 bit encrypted file
    • officer ID
    • time, date and location with GPS verification
    • actual speed, posted speed, threshold speed and vehicle distance
    • last calibration record (time/date)
    • Lidar, Camera and overall system serial numbers ALL included in record
  • Multi-image and high definition video available if needed
  • Full back office processing services available or data can be integrated into your existing enterprise system